Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Dipped in Butter

Keep thizz rain dancin', and hopefully the Sierra will be looking quite white by early next week. Pineapple pow at its finest courtesy of the subtropical connection; we might FINALLY be able to count in the snow sports enthusiast's favorite unit: the YARD! Snow levels will be in the neighborhood of 7-8k, which is ideal given the need for serious snowpack above 8k. I know, I know, the Fingers are at 7 and we're all jonesing to throw some tricks off the spines and get Sluffaluffagus McBoosterson through the radness, but for all intents and purposes, this is awesome for our general shredding and overall hydrological situations. Keep reducing your water usage nonetheless! The upside-down nature of the wave train will mean extra caution for those wandering in the woods as warming trends coupled with stackin precip means decreasing stability. That said, some cold snow will make for a fun Thursday and Friday and then it will be time to pick up some elevation and grab the slarving stick(s) for a tropical celebration. Put out your meter sticks today, and if all goes as hoped you won't be finding them in a few days!


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