Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Looking Good! Feeling Good!

So the forecast looks to be holding up. The first storm is affecting the Sierra now and will continue into tomorrow afternoon. The next storm will begin early Friday morning and last into Saturday afternoon. The second storm takes a more southerly trajectory to help even out snowfall/rain totals between the northern and southern Sierra.

So our forecasted snowfall totals will remain the same. 10-18" of snow by tomorrow afternoon with the next storm coming in Friday morning and continuing into Saturday bringing another 16-24" of snow. So the grand total will be 2-3' of fresh powder. And I do mean powder. Temperatures will keep the snow in the middle of the Sierra Cement and Champagne Powder snow spectrum. 

This reminds me of the end of 'Trading Places'...with us as Lewis (Dan Aykroyd) and the storms as Billy Ray (Eddie Murphy)

It will be breezy to windy tomorrow and Friday. So lift slowdowns or closures are possible, but it will be borderline. Temperatures will hover in the 20's much of the time, so find some sheltered spots and enjoy!

The pattern stays active into next week, but we'll have to wait a couple more days to see if we get more snow or if it just misses us. Stay tuned to Powdiction here and also on Twitter (@powdiction) and on Facebook. We will keep updating snow totals and the conditions out there. Meanwhile, go out and shred the new powder, but be safe!

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  1. Looking good... looking good!
    Any report on Avalanche risk? I really like that Powdiction follows snowpack conditions too. The daily snow guy just seems to watch models and pontificate.