Monday, February 10, 2014

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The Final Tally: Holy Pineapple Pow...

Snow totals since Friday AM for upper mountain:

Kirkwood: 60-72" 
Squaw/Alpine: 62"
Sierra at Tahoe: 64"
Boreal: 56"
Northstar: 52"
Homewood: 50"
Sugar Bowl: 49"
Mt. Rose: 36-48"
Heavenly: 36"
Mammoth: 30"

Now these are totals for the upper mountain. The lower parts of the mountains, with the exception of a few resorts (i.e. Mt. Rose, Kirkwood), received significantly less snowfall accumulation. Overall, the lower parts of the mountains received 1-3' of snow while the upper parts of the mountains received 3-5'+ of snow. So we forecasted the lower to mid mountain amounts pretty well, but under forecasted the upper mountain by about a foot or so. 

Either way go out and enjoy, but be wary of the conditions. Hatchett will have a post up on the snowpack conditions later. 


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