Monday, May 5, 2014

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Corn Window Open

After a bad week for freezing temperatures at lower and upper elevations, the recent cold front has brought the recipe for perfect corn conditions to the region. Higher elevations will now have had a solid freeze since the last snowfall and middle elevations will have finally experienced sustained cold temperatures at night for several days in a row. This means excellent spring skiing is ahead! As if it wasn't already pretty good in select locations, now it will be super duper everywhere once the wind abates.

Tuesday will have continued cool temperatures, cloud cover, and some light precipitation but by late Wednesday we will be transitioning back into seasonal conditions. For Wednesday, blustery northerly winds and slightly lower than normal temperatures will keep the corn window cracked but only with wise choices of terrain and aspect. Thursday onward should be straight up awesome. Get some!

Tales of coverage and quality remain great given the lackluster totals this season. Saddlebag Lake road should open any day with many fun steep runs to be enjoyed. Solstice, Ripper, Chute Out, and others are skiing well and should have sufficient coverage for a short while. Shasta's south side is still in play, the east side should be coming into awesomeness now that a few warm days helped transition to spring, and the north side has lots of walking. Lassen is likely still a ton of fun with some Devastated walking required (not sure on the south side entrance situ, should be open anytime if not already). Tahoe is just about dun-dilly unless you don't mind a long stroll. 


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