Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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Prix Fixe: Appertif of Dust on Crust, A Windy Main Course, and Sun-Drenched Ridging for Dessert

A brief, high-intensity snow event will put down a handful of inches of low density snow this afternoon. Leeward valleys should see a few inches while the crest will be dusted with 6 +/- 2. The event will be quickly followed by blasting north winds as a massive ridge establishes over the eastern North Pacific. This event is a classic 'dust on crust' scenario, as the recently squishy snowpack caused by warm temperatures and rain will freeze solid (good) before getting sprinkled with Colorado-esque crappy fluff (ugh). Good for blowing snow in your face as you scrape along the frozen cryospheric out for bumps! Can you say zero bonding? This scenario is even better for transport with the AWESOME northerly winds that are to follow through the night and into Christmas morning.

Pack up the sled, kids, and head to points elsewhere as seriously amplified ridging is preparing to hold court in the eastern North Pacific for the extended future. Hello again, Omegasaurus Rexbloxus!

Analogous dry extended winter seasons from the last 90 years demonstrate the high likelihood that such a regime will persist again throughout boreal winter. As the new climatic state of the southwestern U.S. progresses towards a two-season year (warm summer and cool summer, with cool summer occasionally punctuated by high intensity precipitation events falling as mostly as rain), we all know what this means. Bicycles, climbing, surfing, and ski road trips. Break out your maps and get that oil change.


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