Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Cool Summer Continues!

Conditions are going to continue to be perfect for cool summer activities with a late-week cooling trend as the upper level flow becomes more west-east. The southern PeeEnDub will be the place to be if you are psyched to slide on snow and rocks!

Too bad they don't have much of a snowpack!

Better to head east but hide those Cali plates.

Meanwhile, Nevadastan is producing solar energy (photo courtesy Sir Sieczkowski):

In the ever-so-subtropical Sierra Nevada, keep spinning tires, clipping bolts, SENDING THE DAWN WALL (Congratulations, Tommy and Kevin, for a true opus of a rock climb at the planet's finest venue), and skateboarding. T-shirts for the day, a layer or two on Friday, and a windbreaker for the weekend. Omegasaurus will snooze a bit but otherwise keep things nice and dry.

One more key point to make, my dear snow-lovers. There may not be an end in sight. Not in our lifetime and perhaps not in anyone who will be born during the next 100 years. Stine's Trees silently pass this wisdom on to us. These Jeffery Pines grew for 100-200 years over two separate periods when Baghdad was the place to be. To enable their growth, most of these years had smaller or similar seasonal snowfall totals as the past three years. Behold the power of Omegasaurus!


  1. In the West Walker River Cañon near the 108 junction. These trees grew at the same time as the trees found submerged in Fallen Leaf Lake and sticking out of Tenaya Lake. Freaky reminders of just how dry it could get in this region. Let's hope this doesn't happen!!!

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