Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Wintry weekend ahead

Upcoming weather highlights:

  • 4-12+ inches of snow throughout the Intermountain West
  • Cold temperatures, light winds
  • Increasing northerly winds early next week

The seasonable temperatures this week have been a welcome change from the outrageously anomalously warm weather that has plagued the eastern Pacific for much of the winter season.

The expected temperature asymmetry under Omegasaurus Rexbloxus (higher min than max) has not been realized which is worthy of further investigation. Either way, the snowpacks of the Pacific cordillera have been getting demolished in many ways this year, be it rain (PNW and CA), no precipitation (CA), and anomalously higher temperatures (CA). Yikes.

Back to the upcoming snow. The formation of a deep closed low over the region this weekend will bring chilly temperatures and snow to the much of the western U.S.
Expect totals to range from 4-18 inches over the course of the Saturday-Tuesday in the Basin and Range with the bulk of the precipitation falling over the weekend.
This will be low density snow, so choose your runs wisely as sharks are lurking! The northerly winds will pick up early next week and will have no problem redistributing that champagne quicker than Kanye on the way to the Grammys. Keep a look out for graupel as well, a classic indicator of an unstable atmosphere that favors convective snowfall.
While it is not the 6-10" liquid soaker we'd love to see, anything falling from the sky is welcome particularly if it comes in a frozen form. Have fun!

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