Monday, March 30, 2015

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Classic April Roars In

Been enjoying those calm 70+ degree days with blue and sun. Been out cycling/running/something staring at your unused skis as you return. That's over for a few days, maybe longer. An early April Fools? NFW! Classic April roars in a day early tomorrow bringing a pattern change and Wind putting a damper on those plush warm days. The breakdown over the next couple days goes as follows:

  • Wind and slightly cooler overnight with cool fropa 
  • Wind re-intensifies with another cool front on Tuesday 
  • Another more impressive cold front on Wednesday associated with a strong shortwave
  • Some light snow and snow showers above 5000 ft on Wed/Thr can't be ruled out
  • And this is just setting the table for early next week after a brief rebound/hiatus Friday
  • Yes, a colder situation is looks promising beginning Sat. night onward, could be interesting
A rather dramatic pattern shift began this afternoon, although April is notorious for such events, with a series of shortwaves hitting the West coast. The first (#1) passing through tonight across the Pacific northwest tightening the pressure gradient and dragging cooler across Tahoe and western Nevada. Another shortwave (#2) moves across the southern Oregon on Tuesday prompting more wind for our area. And then a quite impressive wave (#3) on Wednesday night is something to watch bringing strong upper-level dynamics and much colder air (Figures 1 and 2). After a brief hiatus on Friday (Figure 3), another strong shortwave (#4) approaches Tahoe Saturday night into Sunday. In addition to strong dynamics, this time there is some moisture to work with (Figures 4 and 5). This is really something watch!

Figure 1. Illustrating shortwaves #1 and 2 via 500 mb heights/vorticity.
Figure 2. Illustrating shortwave #3 via 500 mb heights/vorticity.

Figure 3. Friday hiatus with temporary ridge, made of paper not steel, via 500 mb heights/vorticity.

Figure 4. Illlustrating impressive wave #4 for Saturday night via 500 mh heights/vorticity.

Figure 5. Illustrating some moisture associated with impressive wave #4 via precipitable water and lifted index.

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