Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Pleasant end of the week and a breezy weekend

  • Seasonable to slightly above average temperatures with a cooling trend into the weekend
  • Light winds today/tomorrow turning breezy out of the southwest
  • Possible precipitation in the northern region of CA, better chances for Tahoe on Monday

Keep those fingers crossed for some! any! Pacific moisture to make it into our parched region. A few small storms this spring could actually keep a little bit of skiing going into April or even longer if we get lucky. I recall an Amazing April where 110" of snow fell (~13" liquid); this would nearly double what we have accumulated during snow drought 2015. Fairly slim chances on this, but if we knew the answer, there would be no fun in playing the game!
 If this verifies, this weak trough might produce some of the lower snow levels experienced this winter. Yikes.

Should the Monday event be realized, we could see 6+ inches of snow fall above 7000ft. Not much help for the snowpack, but it will fill in a few skiable lines with a fresh coat of shreddability! The only place to really ski in CA, Mt. Shasta, will again be a big winner!


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