Thursday, January 19, 2017


Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Well the Pacific continues to be charitable by dumping snow once again across the Sierra and really all of the western US. And the snow will continue through the weekend and into early next week. Let's pause and give thanks to the Pacific and the atmosphere...

Snow totals forecast

  • Expect another 2-4' of snow from base to mid-mountain elevations (~6000-7500')
  • Numbers continue to look silly for the highest elevations (> 7500'): 4-8' of new snow

Above are the forecast snowfall maps from the GFS (top) and NAM 3km (bottom) operational models through Monday night. The GFS has a lower resolution so the snow totals are usually more smoothed, which explains some of the differences between the two maps.

Below is a loop of precipitable water and surface pressure illustrating the wave train impacting the Sierra. We had one wave move through and looks like two more are lined up. 

The record setting winter continues and it's definitely a welcomed sight after a brutal stretch from 2011-2015. Also it's been beautiful to see all the snow across the Western US after flying over the region during the last two days. So continue to enjoy the cold smoke in the white room! 


  1. Great info and maps! Thanks! Yes, this is a blessing for the East Side..

  2. Thanks, Nick, great discussion. Soulstice WX